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Mon, 02/12- Yuki's Transit via NY-NJ-PA

On Monday, February 12th, I took transit trip via NY-NJ-PA.
1. I got on downtown (6) at 96th to 86th Sts.
2. I got on Brooklyn-bound (5) #6986 express to Fulton St.
3. I got on 8:46am Newark PATH train departed WTC.
4. I bought $14.25 Round Off-Peak Ticket to Trenton and I got on the New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor, 9:17am departure, Trenton Express and my car had comforble seat on Car #6202, train #3929.
It was suppose to be non-stop to Pricestone Junction; however due to mistake passenger on board, it made one additional stop at Newark Liberty International Airport, then resume its express service. It got about 8 minutes behind schedule and arrive Trenton at 10:16am.
When it arrived at Trenton, automatically announcement said, "This station is Trenton. Transfer is available to RiverLine and SEPTA across the platform. Passengers continue on SEPTA, please purchase your ticket at NJT Ticket Window."

5. I went to NJT ticket window and paid $7 ticket and went to 1st car of SEPTA R7 which departed 10::39am. It made me dizzy because it went west, south, west, south, east.
It arrived at Suburb station at 11:32pm.
I took lunch break there and had a plain slice of pizza with ice tea and I put Permissian Cheese on it, then after I finish eating, I donated $1.08 because it was wonderful plain pizza slice in Philadelphia.
After that, I went to SEPTA sales office window and asked how I could get subway fare, and she told me that I had to give dollar bills to casher booth downstair.

6. After I give two dollars to clerk, she opened fare gate and I entered SEPTA Subway Station. I asked police officer where is southbound and he told me thru downstair. I follow sign to SOUTHBOUND TO Patison at City Hall station. It was beautiful with sign that say, SOUTHBOUND LOCAL AND SOUTHBOUND EXPRESS TO PATTISON.
Broad St Line Train departed City Hall at 12:31pm and this happened to be Walnut-Locust-bound express train and it terminated at Walnut-Locust at 12:32pm.
When I got there, two PATCO stations, 15th-16th Sts and 12-13 St stations were connected. After I exit at HEET, I went to first PATCO stop and it took me few minutes to find PATCO Ticket Vending Machine that reads CITY HALL/BROADWAY. I went to that one, and I put $1.25 with coins, and I got 10 cent change, with ticket.

7. I got on front seat of PATCO with man on #229, which departed at 12:58pm, then arrived Broadway @ 1:11pm. I feed my PATCO ticket into machine, and went outside.
Next, I went to Walter Rand Transportation Center, first to check if there's TVM at Lightrail Platform and validator and it was there. Since, I was early for Lightrail, I went inside the station.After that, I arrived on Northbound Lightrail Platform and I waited about 1:32pm.

8. I asked commuter passenger for support and he helped me with machine. He pressed Adult, followed by One-Way, Number of tickets, and I enter 1, then he pressed cash only, then he show me dollar slot where I put $1 and coin slot, where I put quarter and ticket came out. He told me that's facing right way and I went to validator and validated time 3:31pm FEB 12 WRT.
I got on front seat of RiverLine #3502B Lightrail at 1:41pm. It was awesome ride. I waved to everyone, and bus drivers pulling into same station waved back to me.
It was nice and said, "Next station is Employee Only."
"This station is Employee only."
After RiverLine driver exchange places, it announce,
"Next station is 36th Street."
"You must have validate ticket to ride this train."
When it arrived at each station, "Please press green button to exit."After it departed Palmyra and Burlington, it announce,
"Please have your validaded ticket ready for inspection."
After ticket was checked, RiverLine continue.
At Trenton station, it was long out of system transfer to Trenton Station, and everyone had to go around the construction.
When I got to NJT/SEPTA/Amtrak station, I hold door for three people with suitcases and enter after person approach.

9. Next, I got on front car of 3:05pm Northeast Corridor Local to NY #1438 I think. It was uncomfortable, however it got to Newark Penn Station at 4:12pm.

10. I fill $1.50 to make $5 on my MetroCard, and inserted it, pop out, and I got on front car of WTC PATH #718F departed 4:18pm and arrive WTC at 4:38pm. After I got off, I refill my card back to $5 and I rush through Vesey St passegeway.

11. I got on 4:55pm X25 Grand Central and I got on X25 express to Grand Central.I took break at my Japanese friend, who works in Japanese store on 41st St.

12. Finally, I got free transfer to uptown (6) train #7474, which was on express track althought it went back to local and I took to 96th St and went to library.
Oh, by the way SEPTA R7 platforms, some of there were funny because it was on the street

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